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Long and Short Essay on pros and cons of Hostel Life in English

7 września 2019

Long and Short Essay on pros and cons of Hostel Life in English

Hostel life is definitely the best part of a student’s life. Those individuals who have experienced it swear because of it and those that haven’t wish they are able to. Hostel life is sold with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Hostel life is full of friends, independence and fun. It offers memories that are numerous the students to cherish forever. A student who may have experienced hostel life is better off at taking decisions and forming viewpoint about various things. However, hostel life even offers set that is certain of.

Listed below are essays on benefits and drawbacks of Hostel lifetime of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can easily opt for anyone pros and cons of Hostel Life essay which you want the most:

Short Essay on Hostel Life of a learning studen – Essay 1 (200 words)

Hostel life is a phase that is beautiful. It can take a day or two for|days that are few new students to adjust to the environmental surroundings of this hostel. However, they soon become accustomed to the same and begin a journey which is cherished for a long time.

Children these full days are extremely pampered. They get what they need and tend to be taken care that is utmost of. From eating to sleeping to shopping, their parents are always there to take care of every detail that is little. However, when they are enrolled at a hostel and commence their life as of this new place they should find out to be much more independent and less demanding. They might need taking care of all of their day to day needs on their own.

From ironing their clothes to shopping the plain things of necessity, they learn to try everything on their own. It a little difficult at times, it is also quite exciting to have found this feeling of independence while they may find. They learn how to tackle different situations and take decisions on various matters by themselves. They find out about the beauty and power of friendship. Friendships made through the hostel life last for a life time.

There clearly was one thing that most students despise about the hostel life which is the hostel food. However, all in all it is a experience that is great.

Essay back at my Hostel Life Experience – Essay 2 (300 words)


My father is within a transferable job and hence has to move to a new city every 3 years. It was impacting my studies once the study pattern and teaching methods change from spot to place. Just whenever I used to get accustomed to the teachers, students in addition to school environment after great difficulty, we got the news headlines that individuals had to move to a city that is different. So that you can overcome this problem, my parents made a decision to enroll me at a hostel.

Hostel Life Made Me Bold and Confident

When I began my hostel life, I took 2-3 weeks to create myself emotionally and conform to the newest environment in the same way every new student at the hostel does. However, I soon got familiar with the place that is new made quite a few friends. I had been quite shy and reserved before I entered the hostel three back year. I became influenced by my parents for almost any small need.

However, the hostel life has turned me into a bold and person that is confident. I could now deal with difficult situations with ease. I actually do not panic or get emotional easily. We have emerged as a strong person. This can be because located in a hostel teaches us to reside independently so we are bound to take control of your life.

Hostel is much like a moment Home for Me

As excited as I am to consult with my home, I am equally excited to obtain returning to the hostel since the vacation comes to get rid of. I look ahead to meeting my friends and living my entire life over for the reason that hostel room that is small. I look forward to the table tennis room where I spend hours setting new records and the hostel ground where I sit with my friends chit chatting about various things. Hostel is becoming a second home for me.


To close out, i will say that hostel may be the best thing that has happened to me. It offers changed my personality for good.


Ask a hostel student if life in hostel is good or bad in which he shall narrate most of the pros and cons for the hostel life. However, that it was the best phase of his life if you ask an adult who has had an experience of living in a hostel, he is likely to narrate his memories fondly and tell you. This is because there are particular difficulties of residing in the hostel nevertheless the benefits it includes surpass them along with time it really is just the good that we remember. However, everyone may have a different experience.

Hostel Life is essentially Good

I have been located in the hostel for around four years now and my experience has largely been good. I am quite attached to my parents and being the only child I will always be quite pampered. My parents and grandparents have showered me with immense love and taken care of all my needs.

This is why the days that are initial the hostel were extremely tough in my situation. I was in fifth standard when my parents enrolled me here. I experienced never lived even a single day without my mother until the period. It absolutely was extremely hard for me to live without her particularly. However, I soon became friends with my roommates additionally the joy ride began. I was fortunate to own found like-minded roommates.

Gradually, we found out that individuals had a complete lot in common and so much to talk about. We now have become the best of friends since then. We study, play, dance and enjoy numerous alternative activities together. Their friendship could be the best benefit of my hostel life. There is certainly just no boredom when you’re in a hostel when you are always in the middle of friends.

I also love the known fact that living in hostel has made me independent. I have learned to see and understand people and situations prior to taking any decision about them. It has made me well informed.

But I really miss out the food that is home-cooked. I look forward to the holidays not just because I crave for the yummy food made by my mother because I am eager to meet my family but also. Ironing the clothes and cleaning my bathroom are few other activities that I despise about the hostel. However it is a right part and parcel for the hostel life.


To summarize, I would say, i will be grateful to my parents for letting me go through the wonderful hostel life. This has made me grow mature and take care of most of my needs on my own.